Fetco HWB-2105 Hot Water Dispenser

HWB-2105, 1Ph, 1.44kW/120V

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Fetco HWB-2105

Whether you need a front of house self-serve solution to prepare tea, oatmeal, and instant beverages, or back of house solutions that rely on hot water, the HWB-2105 is the answer. The newlydesigned hot water dispenser meets Fetcos exacting standards of innovation, reliability, durability and quality. It delivers form, function and flexibility like no other on the market today.

Product Description:

• The HWB-2105 5-gallon hot water dispenser is the ideal size for medium-to-heavy duty food/beverage prep and cleaning tasks and combines the simplicity of a traditional style pull faucet with the modern convenience of a touchscreen interface.

• The dynamic touchscreen display allows for easy access to temperature controls, dispense metrics and diagnostics while the simple screen layout makes it easy for staff to understand and operate.

• High-resolution display provides for easy navigation and instant feedback

• The simple and intuitive screen design makes it easy to program the desired temperature for consistent and precise hot water dispensing for a variety of foods such as gravy, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, cheese sauce, gelatins & much more.

• An exclusive FETCO pull faucet design with soft silicone tap helps protect glass and ceramic serveware against damage.

• The interior top and sides of the unit are fully insulated to maximize heat retention, improve overall energy efficiency and allows for cool outer surface

• The adjustable Controlled Refill feature helps manage recovery time to ensure for a continuous flow of hot water during your operations’ peak service times. Mixed material construction is durable for the rigors of back-of-house yet attractive enough for front-of-house. It’s also easy to clean and sanitize.

• Built to the highest quality standards, this dispenser easily handles the rigors of everyday use and delivers years of reliable service

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