Clean-A-Bowl Brush for Decanters

Clean-A-Bowl Brush -- 8" handle Designed for glass decanters and airpots, these handy brushes feature non-abrasive sponge fingers that clean and polish surfaces safely. Harsh wire brushes and those with metal parts can scratch and damage surfaces, dulling their luster and appearance. The gentle Java Jug Brush ensures smooth, spotless results for superior coffee presentation.
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Clean-A-Bowl Brush -- 8" handle Professional food service brush is durably constructed to keep up with daily cleaning requirements Standard and Extra Long models allow easy reach into interiors of decanters and larger airpots. Soft, but sturdy sponge fingers provide thorough, non-abrasive cleansing. No wire centers or metal parts which can cause scratching, scoring or deep cuts that can weaken or break glass bowls and liners. Lightweight design promotes cleaning efficiency. Keeps decanters spotless and sparkling for superior coffee presentation.
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